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Fiber Laser Basics Article

Fiber Laser Basics and Design Principles »
Learn the basics of fiber laser design and the key components used to build a fiber laser. This article explains the design fundamentals and how fiber lasers operate. It also offers in-depth explanations of doped fiber, fiber Bragg gratings, beam combiners and pump lasers.

CW DPSS Laser Basics and Fundamentals »
This article provides an introduction to CW Lasers. It explains how lasers create and deliver coherent light. It explores different types of laser technologies including DPSS and fiber lasers. This article also offers an overview of CW laser package types, manufacturers and prices.

CW Laser Basics

A Beginner's Guide to Manual Linear Stages

A Beginner's Guide to Manual Linear Stages »
This article provides the basics on Manual Linear Stages and gives an overview for how to select the best manual linear stage for your application.

Motion Basics: Motorized Linear Stages »
Learn about Motorized Linear Stages including key specifications, system components and how to select a motorized linear stage for your application.

motorized linear stage basics article

Piezo Nanopositioners

A Guide to Selecting the Best Nanopositioning Piezo Stage »
Understand the fundamentals of piezo stages and nanopositioners. This article provides an overview of common applications and how to select a piezo stage.

Spectrometer Basics »
This article provides a basic technical background on spectrometers including different optical design and applications.

Spectrometer Basics

Spectrometer Measurements

Spectroscopy Measurement Techniques»
This article provides a brief overview of the three most common measurement techniques: Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Absorbance Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy

A Technical Introduction to Laser Diodes »
This article provides a technical introduction to the physics, mathematical modeling, and physical structures of laser diodes. An in depth analysis of an AlGAs diode laser is used to explain the details which underly the technology.

Laser Diode Basics

Fiber Optic Modulator Basics Article

High Speed Fiber Modulator Basics »
This article provides an overview of different techniques for fast modulation of laser amplitude in the picosecond to nanosecond range.

How Laser Diode Tuning Coefficients are Derived »
This article will help you understand the underlying principals used to derive current and temperature tuning coefficients.

Laser Diode Tuning

How Much Does a Laser Diode Cost

How much does a laser diode cost? »
Understand the cost of a laser diode by specification including wavelength, spectrum, package, and quantity.

Laser Diode Driver Basics and Design Fundamentals »
This article provides a basic technical background on laser diode driver fundamentals and primary design considerations. It also offers a quick guide to pricing and commercially available driver options.

Laser Diode Driver Basics and Design

Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Basics

How to Choose a Pulsed Laser Diode Driver »
A guide to help you understand how to filter your choices and select the best pulser for your application.

TEC Controller Basics »
Learn the basics of TEC Controllers and why you need one in your application. How to select the best TEC Controller for your needs.

TEC Controller Basics

Laser Diode TEC Controller Design

Laser Diode TEC Controller Design: Controlling Temperatures of Diode Lasers Thermoelectrically »
This article defines the principals of TEC control for laser diodes and includes design criteria for heat sinks, TEC controller selection and design.

Laser Diode Controller Basics »
A high quality laser diode controller should be selected for the intended application of the laser and the required current / TEC power. But the budget for the project is also a top selection factor. So we have put together a few very affordable options that also offer the highest levels of quality and protection for your semicondutor laser.

Review of Best Laser Diode Controllers