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Lumentum Picosecond Laser, 1064nm, 50 Watts, Optimized for Micromachining

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Key Features
  • Output Power: 50 Watts @ 1064nm
  • Pulse Energy Stability: (>1 kHz) <0.75% rms
  • Repetition Rate: Single Shot to 8 MHz
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Fully detachable umbilical
  • Wide range of PRF

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MODEL PicoBlade 2
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Optical (typical)
  • Output Power (1064nm): 50 Watts
  • Repetition Rate: Single Shot to 8 MHz
  • Pulse Energy Stability ( >1 kHz): < 0.75% rms for 1064nm
  • Spatial Mode: M^2 < 1.3
  • Pointing Stability Over Constant Temperature +/2 °C: < 50 μrad / °C
  • Polarization: >100:1 Linear
  • Pulse Width Measured at 1064nm: 10 picoseconds
  • High-speed precision machining
  • Glass cutting, welding, scribing
  • Processing hard materials (diamond, sapphire,carbide, ceramics, and CVD)
  • Semiconductor dicing
  • Drilling of multiple materials
  • Selective thin-film ablation
  • Customized umbilical lengths
  • AccuTrig triggering function
  • MegaBurst
  • SYNC for high-speed line scanners

Product Overview:

Many of today’s picosecond lasers generate an excessively high fixed pulse energy for applications that cannot be adjusted without reducing the average power overall. This limitation results in poor production throughput, even for high-power laser systems. In contrast, the PicoBlade laser system lets you adjust the pulse energy to meet specific application values—at full average power and maximum process speed. This is the most flexible high-precision,high-speed picosecond laser on the market.

The newly redesigned PicoBiade platform provides the same flexibility as the former generation in a much smaller package to facilitate the integration and help reduce the footprint of your machine. The PicoBlade 2 system consists of a laser head, an electronic controller and a closed-loop water chiller. The optical components are contained in a hermetically-sealed and temperature-stabilized housing giving the laser its robustness and ensuring excellent long-term stability. The laser head incorporates an ultra-stable, passively mode-locked seed oscillator that relies on wmentum-proprietary, wear-and-tear free semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) technology.

The laser is based on a master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) design and is immune to back reflection. Laser head and electronic controller are connected via an umbilical that can be disconnected at both ends. The laser offers a wide ranl!e of repetition rates with very fine resolution. Repetition rate changes are possible instantaneously at the push of a button or by sending a corresponding command via computer with only negligible changes in spatial beam properties. Pulse-on-Demand (PoD)...the PoD feature allows the user to select individual pulses by simply applying a TIL control signal. Its state (high/low) determines whether a given optical pulse exits the laser head.

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