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1064nm CW Laser, 25mW; Diode Pumped Solid State Laser
- Fiber-Optic or Freespace Output
- Narrow Linewidth
- Frequency Tunable

  • 1064nm CW Laser 25mW Lumentum solid state laser with fiber optic or freespace output narrow linewidth low noise frequency tunability and adjustable power

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Key Features
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Output Power: 25 mW (Adjustable)
  • Fiber-Coupled Output (optional)
  • Superior Power Stability with Narrow Linewidth
  • Ideal for OEM applications

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MODEL 125N-1064
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  • Wavelength:1064 nm
  • CW power: ≥25 mW
  • Spatial mode: TEM00
  • LongitudinalMode: Single frequency
  • Linewidth: <5 kHz/ms
  • Coherence length, calculated: >1000 m
  • Frequency drift: <50 MHz/hr
  • Amplitude noise, 10 Hz to 2 MHz: <0.05% rms
  • Power drift over 8 hours: <5% peak-to-peak
  • Thermal tuning range, continuous: >10 GHz
  • Thermal tuning range, total: >30 GHz
  • Thermal tuning rate: >1 GHz/s
  • Piezo tuning range, 0 to 100 V: >30 MHz
  • Piezo response bandwidth, small signal: >30 kHz
  • Warm-up time, from cold start (AC off): 1 min.
Fiber Optics (Optional)
  • Fiber supplier and part number: 3M FS-PM-5121
  • Fiber pigtail length: >2 m
  • Fiber pigtail connector alignment: FC/APC, key parallel to slow axis
  • Polarization, linear: >30:1, parallel to connector key
  • Mode field diameter: 7.2 μm, 0.11
  • Fiber-optic sensing
  • Coherent communications
  • Remote antenna links
  • Optical heterodyne
  • Lidar oscillator
  • Passive sonar

Product Overview:

Diode Pumped, Nonplanar Ring Oscillator Solid State Laser

The Lumentum NPRO 125/126 diode-pumped lasers produce continuous-wave (CW), single- frequency output at either 1064 nm or 1319 nm. Key features include fiber-optic or free-space output, frequency tunability, low noise, narrow linewidth, and adjustable power.

Proven Technology and Demonstrated Reliability

Each NPRO 125/126 laser is powered by the unique JDSU monolithic NPRO laser cavity, delivering true single-frequency laser output. Initially developed in 1985, NPRO technology has a track-record of reliability and top-level performance.

High-Level Performance

Amplitude noise for a typical NPRO 125/126 laser is <0.05 percent rms over the range from 10 Hz to 2 MHz, and less than −165 dB/Hz above 10 MHz (shot-noise limited). This high performance is achieved by combining an inherently quiet laser oscillator with a noise reduction circuit, which effectively eliminating the laser’s natural relaxation oscillation.

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