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Fiber Laser, Femtosecond, 780nm, 500mW

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Key Features
  • SESAM mode-locked ring fiber oscillator
  • Patented design (US 8,457,164)
  • High-power fiber amplifier
  • Polarization maintaining fibers only
  • Highly-efficient frequency doubling to 780 nm
  • Compact air-cooled system

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Product Overview:

The FemtoFiber ultra NIR is a high-power ultrafast Erbium fiber laser system and the first of TOPTICA’s third generation fiber lasers.

The pulses that it provides are centered at 780 nm with a duration below 150 fs and the repetition rate is at 80 MHz. It has a completely revised system architecture and can reach an average power of more than 500 mW, utilizing double-clad pumping into large mode area fibers.

The FemtoFiber ultra NIR has a SESAM mode-locked ring fiber oscillator. The pulses are generated using a SESAM-mode locked ring fiber oscillator (patented design), followed by a high power fiber amplifier. To reach highest reliability levels, only polarization maintaining, Erbium-doped fibers are used.

It also has a high-power fiber amplifier that generates pulses at a fundamental wavelength of 1560 nm. The amplifier output is converted to a wavelength of 780 nm using a frequency-doubling stage.

Due to the high efficiency of the frequency conversion, its frequency doubles to 780 nm with more than 500 mW average power. All of this is integrated into a unit with a footprint of 20 x 38 cm².

The laser system is easily controlled via Ethernet and a simple graphical user interface (GUI) enables user-friendly access. No water-cooling is required since it has a compact air-cooled system for a sufficient and a stable operation.

The FemtoFiber ultra NIR can be used for the following applications:
2-Photon polymerization
SHG imaging and microscopy
Multiphoton excitation
Semicon inspection

The FemtoFiber ultra NIR is a cost-effective and compact laser system that provides femtosecond pulses with high average power in the near-infrared with an excellent beam quality.

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