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Coherent LM-10 & FieldMaster GS Laser Quad Element Power Sensor/Detector 10W

  • Coherent FieldMaster, LM10 Detector
  • Coherent LM10 Detector
  • Coherent LM10 Detector Input
  • Coherent LM10 Detector Serial Number
  • Coherent FieldMaster Display

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Key Features
  • Sensor Rating: up to 10 W
  • Pulsed and CW Measurement
  • Sensor Size: 16 mm
  • Communication: RS232 and Analog Out
  • Offered by: Starlight Photonics, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller // Orders Fulfilled by Laser Lab Source
  • Warranty: Refer to Manufacturer/Seller, Shipping & Warranty Information below

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  • Sensor Rating: up to 10 W
  • Pulsed and CW Measurement
  • Sensor Size: 16 mm
  • Communication: RS232 and Analog Out
  • Detector Head Hotswapping

Product Overview:

Clean, used Coherent Fieldmaster laser power meter & LM-10 sensor tested and guaranteed working. This has a battery pack that seems to hold a charge, but we cannot guarantee how long it stays charged. So, we have included a power supply. We can also provide an electronic copy of the the manual on request.

The LM-10 sensor is a broadband, 16mm diameter detector rated for <10W.

Pulsed/CW Measurement: The FieldMaster GS supports CW power measurement and Pulse energy measurement. Pyroelectric Detectors – A complete family of energy measurement pyroelectric detectors for single pulse or pulse train from 1.0µJ to 20 J.

Semiconductor and Thermal Detectors – FieldMaster GS is compatible with semiconductor detectors and the full range of Coherent’s patented thermal disk Smart Detector Heads, providing power measurement capability from 1 nW to 5 kW.

Versatility: More than just a power/energy meter, the FieldMaster GS also provides complete power and energy trend information, beam position drift measurement, statistics, and tuning.

Communications: The FieldMaster GS supports the following communication modes: Analog Out – Provides 0-1 Volt output at 5Hz update rate to operate an external device such as a chart recorder.

RS-232 Interface – Standard RS-232 interface for full interactive operation of the FieldMaster GS by a computer. The interface can also be used to download data from the unit to a computer for storage, graphing and analysis.

Hot Detector Head Swapping: The FieldMaster GS allows swapping of detector heads while power remains On. After a swap, the unit reboots with the correct settings for the new detector head.

Smart Detector Technology: FieldMaster GS detector heads utilize Coherent’s Smart Detector Technology. Each detector head has an EEPROM which stores the characteristics and calibration data for the detector. This information is read by the FieldMaster console at start-up, eliminating the need to make manual changes to the console when changing detectors.

NOTE: This does not refer to user required entries for Display Average, Wavelength, and Attenuation. Analog Sensitivity and Feedback: The analog meter movement in the FieldMaster GS gives fast, smooth feedback and provides the fast response time necessary for laser tuning.

Digital Precision: The FieldMaster GS unique high resolution LCD graphic display provides precise digital readout of power or energy as well as indicators for warning or error conditions and graphic analysis of data collection.

Beam Alignment: Thermal disk CW sensors provide a quadrant display of beam position on the detector head. Centering the beam on the detector head achieves maximum accuracy.

Broad Wavelength Range: FieldMaster detectors cover the spectrum from 0.19 to 10.6 µmeters.

Please note that the laser and vice are only pictured for demonstration and are not included.

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